Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Animal Companions Through 56 Years Of Living

Starting on August 29th 2009
The only way i can do this is in outline form.. scattered and in pieces
there just is no way i can go back in order of thoughts and bring to life the love and memories of the MANY animals in my life..

forget the correct grammar..i may go through and edit, and again i may not..
memories can flit by and some will grab me..and some will hold me longer than others..
but i must go with the flow...

this is odd that it matters so much to me
because i have no one 'to leave' this for.
i guess i just want others
to KNOW these precious and loved animals existed
and their lives MATTERED
except Kelly {NC} and Basil {Fl} Chihuahuas
i got them at pet stores
i have been laying in bed for the past hour with so much going on in my head i had to get up and start is almost 4 am aug 29th 2009

i am just going to list the animals that joined my journey thru life ..
the number of them might shock some of you..
as there have been many in my life [scroll down to see list~laughing]
i will come back, and as with the 'special humans' in my life,
i will fill in and add what comes to mind
when i am able to sit and take hold
of these wonderful and sometimes terribly sad memories.
If you recall things about my animals..
PLEASE write and tell me, i really do not want to leave out anything..
My animals have given me life and a love that never ends
Queenie, next door Border Collie I grew up with..
Black and white and my constant companion when very young.
Trudy and Walt Barto lived next door and owned Queenie
BUT Queenie spent ALL her time with me and we loved each other.
One day I came home from school and Queenie didn't meet me at the corner...
My grandparents and the Bartos told me they sent her to a BIG farm to live
so she could run and play..
I didn't know until in my 20's that farm 'was heaven'
Doxy, the little loving Dashund I went with Mommiw Wiggins and her family to get,
I must have been around 4?
at least in the pics i have i seemed terribly young but really cute..hehe
Mommie WSiggins babysat me as my grandma worked
and so Doxy and i had lots of fun.
Skippy, my squirrel
Shag little apricot poodle I, my mom and stepdad loved.
Norman accidently ran Shag over with the car..he had NO idea Shag got out the door,
followed him and was under the wheels when dad moved the car..
I will never forget getting the call at my friends Wendy's house.
I couldn't even understand whay my mother was saying.
CAT, was so bad when a kitten, we couldn't come up with a name for him..
gray, big and fluffy, he attacked all my friends. i kind of thought it was FUNNY..
Patches, a big grey and white cat my mom found..
guess this was my first cat..he slept with me
and 'helped' me type my book reports and papers for school.
you all know how that goes...gosh he was a beautiful cat!
getting tired so just going to jot down names and come back fill in things..
these are not in any order...but i am go back thru the years somehow
Hound-German Shepard (not mine but..)
Mystery Cat
Willard Rat
Winnie Rat and the bird and cat and rabbit..hehe
Barley Cat
The Rats
Jackie white and orangedaughter of skippy and kelly
Bobby-mahogeny son of kelly and skippy
Andrew blk son of kelly and skippy
Girl [Red Pit Bull]-pink nose
not really mine.bought her for a boyfriend
but i LOVED that dog!
Kelly fawn chihuahua
Sunshine fawn daughter of kelly and skippy
Queenie - MY border Collie
Casey orange and white son of kelly and peppi
Emily Cat Black
Marshall, cat that came w/house i bought in NC
Oscar Pig
Dillon Pig
Remington Pig
Onyx Pig
Sebastian Blk Lab
Benjamin Blk Lab Mix
Basil Chihuahua
Abigail Min-pin
Molly Min-pin
Charlie precious lil grey fluffy dog
Smokey (Moki) Pomeranian
Nikki Blk Lab Mix
Bentley Blk Lab
Mr Willoughby 4lbs my heart & soul
Frankie Cat Black
Nina Beagle
Buddy-deaf/blind 12 yrs old Black poodle
Natalie dog-belongs to a great friend but lives here now

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  1. Hey HedPig! ( I guess you go by that name now ). Nice reading about your life experiences. We definitely missed you when you left Uncle Bob's and Aunt Emma's (your real Dad and Mon by my definition).

    We have a gazillion cats too. I think it is 20. One dog. We have at least 3 names for each. Maybe when I get time and have the kids here we will list them all. Kids and mama are in CA on a train trip with Polly's Dad Jerry. They will be back Thursday (9/3).

    Keep writing, it is good.

    My son Matt is now down in St Augustine again (just arrived). He will be working down there again. I will give you his contact info when I get it.

    I need to get back to work. Got 2 jobs to pay for all the junk I don't realy need LOL>